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here is my first comic series , available to download

available now on itunes and amazon with that link

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album "b13 vengeance" available on itunes and amazon

Basel music instruments part 1

2017-01-28 11:56:34 by baselz

available on




my upcoming album

2016-12-30 13:28:02 by baselz

hi to all basel the satan fans , ive been late for some reasons , but i wont stop this comic series , but at this moment im working on my music album which is also an original soundtrack for the series , it will be ready soon  

as i said before

2016-12-11 05:29:28 by baselz

to all haters , keep disliking and i'll keep going 

my show is the most underrated ones

2016-12-08 12:17:27 by baselz

allways luck goes with the silliest ones , but with some unique creative works , they dont getting too much understanding and my show '' basel the satan ''  is the biggest example of that , they hate it for so many stupid reasons , they don't get the good understanding of the story or what its all about , fuck it , in spite of all that , i wont stop creating my comic series .

to all jelouses and haters , dont worry , your low ratings that you work hard to put it against my show will never ever affect my show's fan's respect and love for it , keep hating and i will keep going to he end of my life